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You can use free software to turn your computer into a virtual VPN router instead of setting it up manually. I would recommend using the manual setup because we don't know much about the developers of these software programs (most are Chinese companies and the software could potentially monitor your internet traffic). Why You Need a Router | PCWorld Nov 07, 2011 How to Turn Your Windows 10 Computer Into a Virtual Router Jul 16, 2018

Strictly speaking, the setting to "Use computer MAC address" is there to allow the use of a router when your ISP tracks the MAC address of the connected device(s), which was one of the tricks ISPs used to control access before broadband access became common. You're quite right, it doesn't fix anything.

Better To Use Computer MAC Address Then Router Address For May 20, 2009

ASUS Router App Makes Your Connected Life Easier! It’s much easier and more intuitive to manage your home network. From setting up at the very beginning to managing everyday use, you can do everything right on your smartphone or tablet — so no need to start your computer!

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