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In the Brodaband share mode, RT-N56U connects to the Internet via PPPoE,Automatic IP, PPTP, L2TP, or Static IP. RT-N56U Access Point Internet Wireless Clients Wired Clients Please check the cable between the WAN port of RT-N56U and Internet is connected correctly or not. Asus RT-N56U - Padavan Firmware Upgrade Router Screenshot Back to the Asus RT-N56U - Padavan ASUS Wireless Router - Firmware Upgrade Firmware is upgrading. Please wait about 2-3 minutes. Asus RT-N56U | Overclockers UK Forums Jan 15, 2016

Asus RT-N56U is my favorite Wi-Fi router now and the price is dropping fast, so it might prove to be a great option for a gigabit router with 5Ghz capabilities. I usually go for Tomato, OpenWRT or DD-WRT firmware (in that order), but now I've tried the new Padavan Firmware and I'm delighted with it.

padavan-rt-n56u - Li Guoliang

Nov 30, 2012

OpenWrt Project: ASUS RT-N56U Known as RT-N56U A1; WAN & LAN 1-4 RJ45 sockets contain LED's : B1 / v2 : May 2015 : Unsupported : 610839332472 : 4719543332474 : glossy, marked: “RT-N56U Gigabit Router Dual-band Wireless-N600” Known as RT-N56U B1; sold as regular RT-N56U; device contains a … Firmware Padavan - YouTube