Stream Overlay Template are graphics, animations or tools that are displayed in a stream over the actual content (game or video) during a live broadcast.

Xbox One Party Chat Overlay Tutorial (First look before Apr 26, 2017 YouTube Gaming v1.5 adds chat overlay to full-screen Overlay chat on full-screen videos. While the comment sections on YouTube videos aren't known for being friendly, civil, or even grammatically comprehensible, you might be surprised to find out

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Text Chat. Text Channels have made it to the Overlay! You’re now able to interact with a text channel in a very similar way you're already used to. Swapping between channels, generate invite links, emoji & reactions, it’s all there! Well, not all. There are a few missing features, guess we can call them Waluigi features. WAHHH. Here's how to use the new Xbox One party chat overlay Apr 24, 2017 How to add a Chat-Overlay | OBS Forums

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Apr 24, 2017 How to add a Chat-Overlay | OBS Forums Sep 05, 2013 GameChatOverlay Class (Windows.Gaming.UI) - Windows UWP This class provides methods to get the default game chat overlay instance, set the desired position of the overlay, and add messages to it. Properties DesiredPosition: The desired position of the game chat overlay. Methods AddMessage(String, String, GameChatMessageOrigin) How to Enable and Use the Discord Overlay - YouTube