2 days ago · Of all the blood-curdling images conjured up by Hereditary, the most traumatically terrifying new horror movie in ages, one sticks out as particularly definitive: Toni Collette, face twisted into a grotesque grimace of fear, staring off screen at a ghastly something we’ll soon have the bad luck of laying eyes on too. Her recurring expression of fright and pain is more than just a perfect

The 50 Best Horror Movies Ever - Film School Rejects The 50 Best Horror Movies Ever Until the next great horror film is released, this is the definitive ranking of the 50 best ever. Tweet Share Post Bookmark Subscribe. 40. The Legend of Hell House 50 Scariest Horror Movies of All Time - Best Scary Movies May 13, 2020

Alien is not only the best horror movie of all time, but one of the best films ever made. What really separates alien from the other films on this list is the beautiful cinematography, masterfully crafted tension, and interesting cast of characters.

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