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Aug 25, 2006 Blocklist URL - better with listed urls? - Page 2 - Deluge Sep 16, 2007 Free I-Blocklist alternative? As I-Blocklist have now started charging, does anyone know of any alternative free lists, particularly a P2P list? Recommended blocklist format for uTorrent - General

P2P Blocklist Creator. A script to download and compile the P2P blocklist for your torrenting client. If the download stops, just restart the script, or just use the pre-created blocklist.

Which IP blocklist do you use on qBittorrent ? I'm having Jun 16, 2014 I-Blocklist free alternative? - Off Topic - Tixati Jun 16, 2016

Sep 04, 2012

Apr 18, 2018 Instructions | ipfilterX Blocklist To get the script, download the SEC505 zip file here or from the Downloads page, open the zip and look in the “Day5-IPSec” folder for the script named Import-Firewall-Blocklist.ps1 (and the sample BlockList.txt file too). Like all the other scripts in the zip file, this script is free and in the public domain.